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Welcome to the Winery

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Hello and welcome to The Walking Tour and your first stop, the Black Chalk Winery. Believe it or not this building used to be an old cow shed but in 2020 we transformed it into our state-of-the-art winery. We broke ground for the build in March 2020, just one week before the Covid-19 lockdown which made the build decidedly more interesting but luckily the winery was finished in October that year, just two days before harvest started. The winery is where all the magic happens where we turn the grapes into our award -winning wines. It houses our grape press, stainless steel tanks, oak barrels and all our wines ageing in bottles as well as everything else we need to create all of our wines. For more information or to see the winery in action feel free to book on to one of our winery tours and tastings.

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