Wine Club Terms & Conditions

As a member of the Black Chalk Club, we will send you three bottles of 2015 Classic, and three bottles of 2016 Classic per year. This is subject to change depending on stock levels and availability. We will always aim to send the nearest available alternative.

• You will receive an exclusive 15% discount for the year on all online and in-shop purchases, subject to availability.

• All members of the Black Chalk Club must be over 18 years of age.

• Members receive free UK Mainland delivery on all orders over £100. We can ship wines to non-UK mainland or Europe for a small additional charge, please contact us to arrange this at

• We take payment upon the sign up of a new member, and we will ship your wine as soon as possible after this date. This sign up date will automatically become your renewal date, and we will contact you near to the renewal date to organise payment for the next year.

• We will ship all wine to the address that is confirmed on sign up. Any changes to this must be made by contacting a member of the Black Chalk team by emailing

• Harvest picking date will be decided around September time and is subject to change.

• You may cancel at any time. We will contact all members before the renewal date and ask for payment. This will also be the last chance to cancel membership before the next years payment and subsequent shipment. 

On sign up, either through our website, or request via email, we will send you a confirmation letter. This will welcome you to the club, and give you your unique membership number. We will then organise your payment, and organise delivery. Your membership number will work on our discount box on our website to enable you to purchase any more wine at the new members rate.

• As part of your membership, you will also receive newsletters of new releases, and invitations to events that may take place throughout the year.