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Tasting Notes


Introducing Paragon, a masterpiece of winemaking artistry we’ve been waiting almost four years to release! This exclusive Blanc de Blancs style, with only 3,535 bottles produced, embodies elegance and finesse. We’ve selected only the best Chardonnay clones (95, 121, 76, 131 for the geeks amongst us) from our Upper Levels vineyard and chosen particular yeasts like VL1 and CX9, known for enhancing elegance and complexity. Paragon is comprised of 54% stainless steel-aged wine and 46% aged in Oak cask, giving the wine a sumptuous mouthfeel.


With no malolactic fermentation and no fining, our minimal intervention approach allows the wine's true essence shine through, with the Chardonnay’s purity being the star of the show. Deeply complex, round and fresh, Paragon lingers on the palate. 


Grape Varieties: 100% Chardonnay (comprised of clones - 95, 121, 76, 131)

Vineyard: Upper Levels 

Alcohol: 12.5%

Total Acidity: 8.8g/l

Residual Sugar: 5.9g/l


“Paragon is all about the subtle use of oak, chosen to provide a balance to the elegance and fruit profile of the Chardonnay.”

Jacob Leadley, Owner + winemaker

Paragon 2020

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