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Why join a Wine Club?

Have you thought about joining a wine club but not really sure which is the best wine club to pick or if it’s worth it? There’s a membership club for everything these days, many with tempting introductory offers and deals. But once you’ve joined, will those benefits continue or is it just a lure to get you to subscribe?

Since being introduced in 1969, Wine club memberships have gone strength to strength. And with the rise of English wine production over the past decade or so, there’s never been so many local options to choose from. But how do you know if wine clubs offer good value for money or which one is offers enough tempting benefits to make you want to part with you well earned cash? Read our article below for our top 5 reasons to join a wine club and how to choose the right club for you.

1. Wine Club Members get access to discounts

Although the cost of a wine club subscription might seem like a lot at first glance, most wine club membership fees actually tend to be more cost effective than if you were to buy the same bottles and tickets

wine club bottles

to events individually. Memberships usually offer you an additional exclusive discounted price on wines, often coupled with free delivery. So, If you are a regular drinker or are looking to buy a certain number of bottles over the course of a year, then often you would be receiving all the additional benefits of membership for a very small incremental price.

2. Wine Clubs give you access to exclusive content and money can’t buy experiences

Aside from the allocation of wine, wine memberships will usually offer a whole host of winery experiences and vineyard experiences alongside other benefits for their members. These may come in the form of wine tasting of new ranges or

vineyard experience

new vintage releases. Perhaps special winemaking dinners or, if your wine club is a local vineyard - you could be invited to be involved in the grape growing or winemaking process itself. Wine clubs usually communicate through email newsletter to its members, so it’s likely you will get inside information on what’s happening in the industry and opinions and recommendations of the team running the club. So, If you’re interested in more than just drinking wine, wine clubs are a great way to learn and to meet like minded people.

3. Wine Clubs Save You Time and makes your life easier

As part of your wine club membership, you will receive a one off or schedule of deliveries of wine during your subscription period. This saves you having to spend time choosing wines and arrange getting the wines home yourself. It’s easy, with busy lifestyles to forget to buy wine, or to pick up low quality bottles because

wine club subscription

you are in too much of a hurry to put much thought into your purchase. By joining a wine club, you’re essentially paying someone else to choose for you and finding high quality wine to enjoy will be one less thing to worry about. Wine clubs are a great option for for those looking for the convenience of things being delivered to your door. Click here to find out more about our wines.

4. You get to Discover New and interesting Wines

wine tasting experience

Some wine clubs offer a service where your wine allocations are picked for you. Along with being a nice surprise, this also strips out the decision making process and allows you to try wines you might not have picked for yourself.

With over 10,000 grape varieties out there, and new wines and blends being released all the time, chances are you don’t know half of what you are missing by just sticking to your tried and tested tastes.

You might even get the opportunity for a winery experience trying wines yet to be released or perhaps early views of wines still in barrel and tank!

5. Wine Club Members Gain From Loyalty & Rewards

why join a wine club

Wine clubs often have member loyalty and/or reward schemes. These can work by awarding you points or credit every time you make a purchase, or increasing the value or amount of benefits for every year of renewed subscription.

This is one of the key benefits to wine clubs. Make sure you check your wine club Terms and Conditions so you are clear on how to claim your members benefits and if any benefits have expiry dates or limitations.

So you've read our 5 reasons to join a Wine Club and taken all our tips and tricks on board. Now it's time to pick your best wine club and sign up! The Black Chalk Inner Circle Wine Club is the perfect club to reward members with additional benefits for every year of renewed membership. Join for an annual fee of £300 and work your way through our tier club system, offering different benefits, vineyard experiences and winery experiences to enjoy in every year of membership. You can also opt to pay for 3 years of membership upfront, for a one off cost of £810, saving you 10% on membership fees.

There's many benefits to joining the Black Chalk Inner Circle, from your initial delivery of a mixed case of our wines, online discounts and in store offers, to money can't buy experiences, like joining us for a Harvest Day in the vineyard or being invited to exclusive tastings and masterclasses hosted by our expert team. Membership can also be bought as a voucher, making it the perfect gift for the Wine Enthusiast in your life! Click here to join our wine club or to find out more and read through our tiered benefits.


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